So what is The DEN?

We believe that innovation and entrepreneurship should be a fundamental component of every student’s education.  Every business needs a CTO, a graphic designer, a packaging scientist, among many other key areas of expertise.  It is the goal of The DEN™ to bring together students from any major to transform student ideas into student companies.


The DEN™ (Design & Entrepreneurship Network) is a student-led open mic platform on which students share ideas for a business product or concept, students form interdisciplinary business teams, and teams receive instant feedback and mentorship from DEN advisors- real entrepreneurs, designers, CEOs, founders, etc.  There are several physical DEN spaces around campus where students come together to work through ideas on whiteboard walls, prototype concepts with low resolution prototyping materials (play dough, pipe cleaners, etc.), and present their business ideas for real-time feedback from professionals and their student peers.


The DEN™ has a mission to facilitate student-based, experiential learning and application of design and entrepreneurship at a university, community, and global level.  This year, DEN™ students will be looking to host start-up workshops at both a college level and K-12 level, participate in regional business pitch competitions, organize a Clemson TEDx conference, and manage student intellectual property, all while working through various stages of their own student start-ups.



About the DEN


The DEN (Design & Entrepreneurship Network) is a student-led group where students share business concept ideas, students form interdisciplinary teams around those ideas,  teams work in ideation and design iteration spaces, and students receive team (business) mentoring from a phenomenal network of expertise in design, creativity, manufacturing, IT, entrepreneurship, etc. We bring in guest lecturers to have at your disposal to ask questions/receive feedback.  We host start-up weekend events- specifically bringing 3 Day Startup ( to Clemson this November.  We are also forming committees to better prepare students for intellectual property logistics and business pitch competitions.  The DEN is basically an open mic platform where you share your ideas (that you keep ownership of by the way), you get access to the resources you need, and your idea becomes something much, much more.

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